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DOMINATE 13-9 Loss
chaos 13-11 Win
chaos 15-9 Loss
Dallas Venom September 17, 2008
DOMINATE September 7, 2008
Jesus and Pals August 7, 2008
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America's Army
Call of Duty 4
Counter-Strike (1.6/Source)
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Team Fortress 2
Welcome to the New Radiance!
Posted by : Charles "Nemesis" Wood on September 12th 2008 6:48
Welcome! Radiance Gaming would like to invite everyone to our new website, in which a lot of work has been done behind the scenes in order to bring the organization back into the gaming spotlight. Through the funding provided by the Board of Directors and various sponsors, as well as the hard work of the general staff, we are finally able to officially announce our new website in conjunction with our lineup of teams.

The past couple of months have been tough for the Radiance Board of Directors and Staff alike. We have gone through an extensive image change by deciding to go out and hire some very talented coders and designers to work on the website, sought and received new sponsors, and gone through countless team applications before deciding on our new ones. Any prosperous organization knows that it is tough work to succeed, and sometimes you need to make sacrifices, including paying for various fees out of your own pocket as the BoD has done. With that being said, I would like to present team statements made by personnel in both our Call of Duty 4 and Counter Strike: Source teams.

CoD4 : First off, my team would like to thank the Radiance organization for picking us up as their Call of Duty 4 team. My guys and I are very proud to represent Radiance as our tag and our team. With that being said, let me tell you a little bit about us and how we came about. Starting out season one, we had no high expectations, but we found ourselves competing for a CAL-M position in pre-season. We did exceptionally well and got advanced to CAL-M season one under the name of quite precise and sway gaming. Though we were on the road to making playoffs, we struggled to keep a consistent five man team. Later on in the season, we began falling apart. We fell to 3-3 and died due to inactive players with real life issues. Three of our core members including myself (daddy), Uncle, and Grampz have been together since Call of Duty 2 seeing as how we are all brothers. So, we decided to form another team with a few strong pick-ups and got moved to CAL-IM season two. We played in various leagues at this time such as TGL, FGL, and CEVO making it to playoffs but sadly getting knocked out. After making our way to CAL-IM playoffs at a fairly low seed we had some big wins and made it to the finals. In a best out of three we got beat 2 to 1.We are also competing in HTGN-P playoffs as of now and hope to pull off a championship win.

CSS : We are just like any other competitive source team out there that wants to make it big except with more dedication desire and team work to help bring us to the top. Four of the former Just Cause Project Roster CAL Main Seasons 10-11 (dranGed,JayB,phil- and prooF) are back after splitting up and have something to prove along with our new pickup Adam "zarT" Dunlap. We are happy to be part of the Radiance Organization and hope it's a long lasting experience.

Mitch Burton, Vice-President and Chief Operations Officer: The best way to describe our CSS team is consistency. They have been rolling with the same five guys throughout their existence, which shows that there exists great leadership and communication skills within the team and we wish them the best as they continue to battle through the CEVO Thermaltake 'Em Down II Tournament and each event they pursue in the future.

We would like to wish all of our teams luck and look forward to the continuation of an already prosperous gaming organization.